Who We Are

At Sunrise Vision, we specialize in human resources for both companies and Industrial, partnering with our clients to solve their staffing challenges.


We believe human capital is the single most important determinant of success for any organization. Because we understand the importance of finding and hiring the right people for businesses, we have made it our mission to develop reliable recruitment networks throughout the world to help us source and identify qualified, dependable employees for our clients.


 Our workforce solutions are designed to bring our clients peace of mind by ensuring they are in compliance with national employment regulations ranging from compensation and benefits to work hours and safety. Through our extensive range of staffing services and our dedicated, customer centric team, we are committed to continuously delivering value for the prosperity of companies and communities across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


The Safety and Health of the Employees and the protection of the environment are of the highest concerns to the Sunrise Management. A comprehensive safety program has been integrated into the work ethic, so that each employee  understands his responsibility from the safety aspect of himself, others, equipment and property.

About Us